About – Bear Gallagher Cole

My Most Dynamic & Important Attribute Is My Diversity Of Skill

About Bear Cole. I live in Flagstaff, Arizona.

I am a professional DJ and Entertainment Consultant.

Wedding & Events Manager / DJ

Want to learn more about Bear Cole’s Role as Wedding & Events Manager for Peaks Pro Event Services?

I am the Manager of Peaks Pro Event Services. We offer completely customizable entertainment services for Weddings, Corporate Events, School Functions, and Company Parties. I train and coordinate all of our DJs and Photographers.

Freelancer For Hire

Want to Learn More About Bear Cole and What He Can Do For You As A Freelancer?

I work mainly as a Freelancer. Anyone who has ever freelanced understands the challenges and how hard that kind of work can be. For me it is the only way to keep up with my diverse skill set and drive to learn. I am my best self when I can take on challenges from multiple different fields, and keep my brain filling up with knowledge. This does make my experience kind of all over the place. If you need more information about me in a specific context please do not hesitate to contact me. I have degrees in Web & Graphic Design and Audio Engineering and the internet and anything having to do with music or sound is where I really thrive.

Please don’t let the diversity of my job roles discourage or confuse you. I am a professional who knows how to get the job done. I only list all of these diverse skill sets because on any given week I am confidently working in some capacity in all of them. I might be building a website and graphics Monday, On show site building a stage for a band Tuesday, Running an outdoor survival fitness training Wednesday, Helping a small business setup their Gmail, Google Analytics, Domain Name, and Hosting Thursday, Creating a Podcast and then DJ at a Club Friday, and then out hiking and photographing nature Saturday and Sunday. This is the professional life I have built for myself, and I love it!

I hope I can bring my excitement and knowledge to the table to help you with something you need.

Web & Graphic Internet Professional

Want To Learn More About What Bear Cole Can Do For Your Website, Web Presence, or Graphics?

As stated above my professional experience and education spans multiple roles in Audio, Music, Multimedia, Fitness, and Web and Graphic Design. I am the founder  a Network of Outdoor & Travel Websites.

I am a Web Professional which means I design websites, play with servers and domains, and work in Graphic Design. I still work often as a Freelancer.

At this time I work almost exclusively on blogs. I can build them, help you promote them through vlogs, podcasts, and social media. If you wish to request web design services please feel free. I still help small businesses and others that I believe in build their websites. However, depending on the project and my availability I may have to send you to another one of my very talented Web Developer friends.

I currently work as a contract Web Professional for a marketing firm. I love helping clients get their business online, analyze their web data, and just basically be awesome.

Entertainer & Audio Engineer

Want to Learn More About  What Bear Cole Can Do For You As An Engineer, DJ, or Producer?

I have been a DJ for nearly my entire life.

With decades of experience and far and deep reaching understanding of music from multiple genres and generations I prefer to call myself a Record Selector. You can catch me spinning for weddings and special events as a DJ for Peaks Pro Event Services in Flagstaff Arizona. When I am not working for Peaks I can be found playing clubs and bars around Flagstaff and the entire Southwest. Check Here For More Info.

I also work as an Audio & Video Engineer

I work audio and production for Peaks Audio Productions. In this role I help everyone, whether they are a corporate client, or a death metal band have a successful production event. I specialize in Audio Engineering, but am know to dabble and play with just about anything I can get my hands on. As a Freelance Audio Tech I record everything from bands to voice overs and commercials, and help make promotional videos for Small Businesses and Independent Musicians.

I am a Musician

Having released over 20 albums independently, and produced many more, I am a musician and producer. I have won awards for my songs and live performances. I worked professionally in the music business for years, mainly in production, promotions, and as a performer. However, the music business can really take it out of you. Now I like to make music just the way I want to. I still write songs, record them, and release albums and singles often. Keep up with my music as Bear the Astronot and Turntable Kachina.

Explorer, Survivalist, Fitness Professional

Want to Learn More About Bear Cole The Explorer, Survivalist, and Personal Trainer?

My personal focus is my Outdoor Adventure and Travel Network.

I explore and then I write about it, photograph it, and help motivate people to do the same through my Wild West Explorer Video Series. I love the outdoors and traveling. I take my outdoor exploring and survival seriously and am a Certified Wilderness First Responder.

Here is where I approach things differently. I believe in the middle ground. I help motivate everyone to get out and explore. Whether you are a complete hiking beginner, or a Back Country Backpacking expert, the motivation is the same. You have to find out how to balance life, and adventure.

I share information that will make planning a trip easier. Where to stay, how to book your rooms, what to do while you are there, and help planning the route for your road trip. I like to motivate people who don’t spend much time outdoors to get out there, and help them do it on a shoestring budget.

If you are interested in Exploring Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, California, or Nevada go to ExploringtheSouthwest.com right now and get started!

I believe that going outdoors is an amazing way to stay happy and healthy. As a ACE Certified Personal Trainer, I not only help you explore but get fit as well. I am available for as a Personal Trainer to build customized fitness programs that will help you get stronger, avoid injury, explore the outdoors, or just lose weight and improve your health. I am the founder of the Wild West Survival Fitness Academy. This is a fitness program and training that helps prepare you for anything that comes your way.

If I could live in the middle of the woods, one hundred miles from civilization, and still have a strong enough internet signal to do my work I would be in heaven.  When I’m not behind a computer I am probably lifting weights, collecting music, or hiking somewhere.

My Real name is Running-Bear.

Yes, Bear is my real name, not a nickname. My real name is Running-Bear, named partially for my heritage and partially after a song. Long stories aside, I have always gone by Bear.

I obviously have WAY too many websites! I do many things, and it keeps life exciting. I grew up in The Grand Canyon National Park on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, and spent time living on The Navajo and Apache Reservations of Arizona. These places formed my view of the world, and I find that I view it in a different light than most. This up bringing helped to fuel my creativity, and I have been successful as a musician, poet, and designer because of it. I love the Web, and all the amazing opportunities it puts in front of us. However, I still think it is important to smell the flowers, not just experience them through someone elses status on Facebook. I am a Father, a Husband, and suddenly an Uncle to half the population of China. I take these responsibilities seriously, and am thankful for having them. I love to workout, and then eat something unhealthy. I love to work two days straight with little sleep, and then sleep for two days. I create websites, and write code. I write music, and record. I would much rather run up a mountain, than run on a treadmill.