Bear Cole – Audio

Bear Cole has over 10 years as an Audio Engineer involved in Audio Visual, Studio Recording, and Live Sound. As a graduate of The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences he is Pro-Tools and Waves certified, and a masterful user of Propellerhead’s Reason software. Bear spent over a year helping to design and build from the ground up the Saltmine Studio Complex in Mesa, AZ. He has mixed live sound for numerous bands, and pulled gear and worked as an audio technician for bands and acts such as The Rolling Stones, Kanye West, The Black Eyed Peas, Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, Keith Urban, and many more. He has also spent time in the studio recording DMX, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Megadeth, and too many local and regional bands to list.

Audio Recording, Music Production, Digital Sound

Bear Cole’s audio experience is not limited to Musical acts, and he has in fact spent hours in the studio recording, mixing, and mastering training video voice overs for high level University and Corporate clientele.  From commercial spot recording, to live sound, to pulling shows and testing gear, Bear has diverse and far reaching experience in the field of Audio and Sound. He has worked as an Audio Quality Assurance Technician for LMG Show Technology and Touring testing dynamic sound systems composed of some of the most high tech gear in the industry. He has worked on studio SSL’s and Neve’s, and run Digico and Degidesign digital boards. He has tested and hung loudspeaker systems by L’Acoustics, d&b Audiotechnik, and Meyer. For a more detailed view of his resume click here. Bear is currently working on taking his audio experience into another realm, and while pursuing Degrees in Web Design Development and Multimedia, hopes to take his skillset into the digital realm creating dynamic interfaces and online tools for music and audio.

Outside of Audio & Sound Bear has experience as a Musician

Bear Cole began his career in music and audio as a Professional DJ. He played over 20 clubs in the Southwest, with a spot as the House DJ at Martini Ranch and The Shaker Room in Scottsdale Arizona for over 6 years. He also spun at Insomnia, Polyesters, Sanctuary, Freedom, Next, and was a DJ for the infamous Peppermint Disco for sometime. His time as a DJ allowed him opening sets for Afrikaa Bambataa, DJ Keoki, Ice Cube, The Funkler, and many more. He still works as a DJ and spins everything from clubs and live shows to corporate events.

His DJ career eventually morphed into production, and his 12 years of experience behind the tables, became the catalyst for a new and exciting sound. He has produced for many projects, but his best work can be found in the instrumental projects for Soundtrack and Film he has created under the name Turntable Kachina, and his unique blend of hip-hop, electronic, and rock as Bear the Astronot. Visit or click here to hear more.