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I am Bear Gallagher Cole the Wild West Explorer. I am a Web Professional, Writer & Blogger. I share information about exploring the world, mainly the outdoors. At ExploringtheSouthwest.com you can get information to plan your next hike, camping trip, exploration, or road trip around the American Southwest. At WildWestExplorer.com you can keep up with what I am up to as a writer and explorer and get feeds of my various articles and social profiles.

I have a goal to motivate people to enjoy the outdoors, and a mission to get them prepared mentally and physically to survive. I believe that spending time outdoors, and building a life where you are less reliant on modern civilization leads to a Happy and Prepared life.


I began taking photos of my adventures just to have them for family memories. However, the more adventures I took, the more I began to take real interest in my photography. Follow me on Instagram @WildWestExplorer to be updated with all my newest photos and short videos.


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Wild West Survival Fitness Academy

Some of us know it is important to be prepared. You can’t just stock up on supplies and prepare mentally. Any disaster or emergency event is going to require you to be prepared physically. Bear Gallagher Cole is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. Learn how to prepare with Survival Fitness, or contact Bear to get a customized personal trainer who will help you lose weight, get fit, and be prepared for anything.


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Come Explore With Me

I grew up to be an explorer, but that doesn’t mean I knew it at first. I was born & raised in the Grand Canyon National Park. This wonder of the world was my backyard and I have been to the bottom over 100 times. As a matter of fact my first time to the bottom was when I was 6 weeks old. This story can be verified by my mother and father. I rode white water rivers, I hiked, I camped, and our family vacations were often adventures most people would think of as crazy! I was part of an outdoor family.

When I graduated from High School I left the Grand Canyon with a goal to become a writer. That goal morphed into me becoming a Songwriter and a Musician. I went to another college and received a degree in Audio Recording & Sound. I worked in studios, I went on tours, I played my own music, and even got the honor to work with huge musical acts such as The Rolling Stones, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, and Keith Urban. I still wasn’t right where I wanted to be though.

Years later I went back to school and got another degree in Web Design and Development. I love the internet, and wanted something with the possibility of working from home. I worked for a large well known Tech company and began moving up the ranks eventually becoming a Supervisor. I was doing well, but something was still missing.

I would pack up my family every chance I had and we would head out into the woods, or a National Park, or a canyon and I would be happy again. I would return to work refreshed and feeling myself again, but that feeling would eventually fade as I was surrounded by buildings and loud city streets. I just wasn’t happy.

Eventually, after years of work, my wife and I had found ways to be able to work from home. I was freelancing and offering my skills as a designer and developer to small businesses and musicians.

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