Audio Downtempo and Jazz by Bear Cole

Downtempo Jazz Songs – Produced by Bear Cole

Star 9 Pillow-Turntable Kachina

Spacey downtempo. I am very proud of the keys on this track. I sat down to solo some piano to add some jazz to it and came out with the piano parts in one take.  Featured on the album “Sound is Matter Vol.001”.

Kathleen-Turntable Kachina

Very mellow atmospheric track with thick synths and hand drums.  Featured on the album “ROOTS”.

40oz. Martini-Turntable Kachina

A nice lounge jazz track, but of course done with a downtempo hip-hop feel.  Featured on the album “Sound is Matter Vol.001”.

Looking at People-Turntable Kachina

Hip-hop, downtempo, and thick sampled drums.  Featured on the album “ROOTS”.



Downtempo & Jazz Songs produced and performed by Bear Cole as Turntable Kachina. All songs are copyright protected by Bear Cole and Free the Line LLC. All use is restricted without permission. For more visit Bear Cole’s music site.