Bear the Astronot & Turntable Kachina Music

Bear Cole writes, produces, performs, spins, and all around just loves music.  Known for thoughtful lyrics, and a special knack to mix genres you are missing out if you don’t take a listen.

Bear the Astronot
Turntable Kachina
Dj Bear Cole

Hip Hop, Electronic, Country, Bear Cole Does It All

Bear Cole wears many musical hats. He is an MC, Producer, Musician, Poet, and spent years as a Professional DJ. He makes music under the names of Bear the Astronot, Turntable Kachina, and DJ Bear Cole. Hailing from the state of Arizona, Bear has lived and performed in the deepest reaches of the Navajo Nation Reservation and all over Phoenix, Flagstaff, Tucson, and the entire Southwest. His music is enlightening, dark, and melodic. He easily transitions between genres. Hip-Hop, Indie, Dance, Electronic, World, and even Country and Bluegrass. No sound is beyond his reach. Bear contributes quietly to the music scene now, mainly recording at home and posting new songs for anyone who wants to listen.