No Gym Fit Logo Design


All artwork and logos are copyright protected and are the property of Bear Cole and Free the Line LLC.  Unapproved usage of any of this artwork will result in legal action.  Plus, trust me, you don’t want to mess with a guy named Bear.

Home Fitness

Bear Cole designed this logo for Home Fitness site  No Gym Fit is a fitness site with a focus on working out without paying the ridiculous membership fees that commercial gyms charge.  More than that though it is a site dedicated to workout at home where you can still spend time with your family.  Many people workout atleast 3 times a week at the gym.  Everytime they are their by themselves while their family is home.  Working out as a family takes advantage of your time together, and keeps your whole family fit and healthy.  Bear Cole designed a badge and a light freeform logo for No Gym Fit.  Many of the workouts on the site involve powerlifting or olympic lifts, and Bear and No Gym Fit know that all fitness, strength, flexibility, and power starts with one exercise – THE SQUAT.

Bear Cole is a Web Designer, Graphic Designer, and Web Developer.  He lives in Flagstaff Arizona.  If you need a website, graphics, mobile application, or audio work please visit and contact us right now.