Picking Flowers Graphic Design


Childhood Imagination

This is an artistic piece originally developed while drinking a scotch on the rocks and watching my son play with a stuffed crocodile. I was working on my computer and he was talking to his crocodile and having it fly on some sort of mission to save various and assundry contorted action figures. I started to contemplate children’s imagination and came up with this piece. Two kids running through a dark field lit only by a full moon. The children are picking flowers, and seemingly ready to follow a chain of dragonflies straight to the moon to play. I enjoy creating black and white night pieces, and this one is one was one of the original inspirations for that style.

I put a slight blur and wind filter on the moon to create a reflective mist. The dragonflies are given movement with various motion blurs. I tried to achieve the possibility of the children floating by only showing several blades of grass closeup in the foreground. The purpose of these black and white night pieces is to leave things up to the viewer, and it is definitely possible that the children are simply running up a gradual incline and believing that they will reach the moon by the top of the hill. The viewer can perceive it as they wish. The children are meant to symbolize my son Kahiko and my niece Kaiya his favorite playmate. A minimalistic approach to the power of children’s imaginations.

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